Sierra Lakes A Mobilehome Community

4300 Rocklin Rd Rocklin, CA 95677


FAQ About Sierra Lakes Mobile Home Community

  1. Is it an All Age or Senior community?

    Sierra Lakes is a community for all ages.  We encourage you to come through at various times of the day to experience first hand the wonderful sense of community that prevails.

  2. How big is the community?

    There are 228 sites on ~38 acres, with wide streets and expansive greenbelts, including a year-round creek and lake, along with a nearly 7000’ clubhouse loaded with amenities.

  3. If I buy a mobile home there, will I own the land?

    The lots for the homes are leased.

  4. How much is the monthly rent or lease fee?

    The space rent varies throughout the Park, developed initially based on proximity to the various amenities. 

  5. Are utilities included in rent?

    Utilities are sub metered at your site, so you would pay gas, electric and water in accordance with your usage and agency charges.  Trash and Sewer are flat rates per month.

  6. Are there Association Fees?

    The Homeowners Association is a voluntary social organization, which is optional to join, but offers discounts to Association sponsored events.

  7. Are there pet restrictions?

    Our pet policy is one of the best around, accommodating 2 domestic pets with no size restrictions!  Some of the guidelines include current registration and vaccination records, restrictions on aggressive breeds, no pets kept outside unaccompanied or tethered, thereby no fencing is permitted, which affords a peaceful neighborhood environment for all residents! 

  8. What kind of other rules are there?

    We do have other basic rules to follow, which not only helps to maintain the property value for all residents, but also affords peace and quiet enjoyment for you and your family.  A full list of park rules and regulations are available with your application for residency.

  9. How much are the rent increases at Sierra Lakes Mobilehome Park?

    You should prepare for annual cost of living increases, the terms of which will be in accordance with your rental agreement.

  10. Are there restrictions of who you will rent to?

    Each applicant must pass a credit and background check, and have sufficient long-term sustainable and verifiable income. The process of applying for residency starts with a meeting with Management and a $40 application fee per household.  All Park documents are provided for your review at that time.

  11. Can I rent out my mobilehome once I own it?

    In order to maintain the quality of community our residents enjoy, subleasing is not permissible.  Long-term guests may reside with you so long as they are qualified through the guest registration process. 

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